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Ai-chan's Newsflash - [Dea Anchora] Coming Soon!
Dec 8, 2020

Long time no see! Have Captains missed me? It's time for a new series of version preview!
First up is the latest S-rank battlesuit debuting in v4.4: [Dea Anchora]!

======[Dea Anchora]'s Glorious Debut====== 
She dons the golden armor which flares up with her resolve. She etches the bonds on her heart and the stars shining above shall grant her their might.

[Dea Anchora]:  BIO melee Fire DMG dealer. Activate [Astral Harness] form to greatly enhance her DMG output, allowing her to cast multi-Ultimates successively for devastating effects!



[Basic ATK: Orion the Hunter]
Dea Anchora attacks with a combination of unarmed and lance arts, dealing Physical and Fire DMG and restoring SP.



[Astra Forge]
After gaining SP, tap [ULT] to attack, which consumes SP but restores [Astrum]. With sufficient [Astrum], hold [ATK] to begin [Astra Forging] to activate the much more powerful [Astral Harness] form.



[Evasion: Pegasus the Fleet]
Tap [ATK] after evading to chain into Special ATK. Ultimate Evasion induces global Time Fracture when triggered.




[Ultimate: Astral Flares & Astral Flares EX]
Astral Flares: A multi-hit Ultimate that deals Fire DMG and restores [Astrum].
Astral Flares EX: An upgraded version of Astral Flares used in the [Astral Harness] form. Dea Anchora unleashes a barrage of unarmed arts to deal massive Fire DMG!



[Ultimate: Voidstar Anchor & Voidstar Anchor EX]
Voidstar Anchor: Dea Anchora leaps up and flings an ether lance at enemies, dealing Fire DMG, pulling enemies briefly, and restoring [Astrum].
Voidstar Anchor EX: An upgraded version of Voidstar Anchor used in the [Astral Harness] form. Dea Anchora flings 2 ether lances and generates ether lances over enemies to deal massive AOE Fire DMG!



[Ultimate: Sagittarius the Archer]
In [Astral Harness] form, cast Ultimate EX twice consecutively and then tap [ULT] again to cast the final Ultimate EX [Sagittarius the Archer]!
The wings become her bow and the lance becomes her arrow, dealing devastating AOE Fire DMG to the enemies before her!





======[Dea Anchora] Moving In======
Hyperion is always prepared to accommodate a new member! I bet she loves her new home - just look at that smile! 





======Battlesuit Event [Durandal's Pilgrimage]======
Play the web minigame [Durandal's Pilgrimage] between 12:00, DEC 10 and 04:00, DEC 25!




The walls of destruction are splitting and corrupting the world. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a girl carrying the name of the Holy Blade... Join Durandal in her epic quest to earn Crystals, Ancient Willpower, and Asterite!


Golden rays fill the horizon as she transforms into the ultimate evil buster! Stay tuned for Durandal's new S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora]!

*The above data are from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.

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