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v4.2 Update Announcement
Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to v4.2 [Rosemary's Nocturne]!

Her origin and destination are known by none. New S-rank battlesuit [Fallen Rosemary] debuts!
Battlesuit event [Rosemary's Floriograph] available! Play to earn [Black Nucleus]'s new outfit [Fleurs du Mal], Ancient Willpower, and Ancient Legacy!

Update Contents

1. New Battlesuit: [Fallen Rosemary]
◆Rita's S-rank battlesuit [Fallen Rosemary]: QUA-type battlesuit that can boost team Elemental DMG while dealing high melee Lightning DMG. She can summon Disir to reinforce her abilities in battle by landing hits.

◆You can unlock her in the following ways:
- Purchase the battlesuit in [War Treasury] after the version update;
- [Fallen Rosemary] Expansion Supply and featured Expansion Equipment Supply are available from 12:00, SEP 16 to 12:00, OCT 2 (GMT+8).

2. New Augment Core: [Danzai Spectramancer]
◆Shadow Dash Augmented: [Danzai Spectramancer]: MECH-type battlesuit that can create Bunshin Specters to attack and suppress shielded enemies with Ultimate, making her ideal for both offensive and supportive play!

◆You can unlock her in the following ways:
- Play Story Chapter XIX and other events in v4.2 to earn Augment Core material [Danzai Cores] or [Shadow Dash] fragments.

3. New Event: [Rosemary's Floriograph]
◆Battlesuit event [Rosemary's Floriograph] is available after the version update and until 04:00, OCT 8! Play to earn [Black Nucleus]'s new outfit [Fleurs du Mal], Ancient Willpower, and Ancient Legacy!

4. Story Chapter XIX: [Into Earth Does the Water Flow]
◆Is the seeping snowmelt a herald of victory or another ill omen?

◆Play Story Chapter XIX to earn event 4★ stigma [Mei Spectramancer (T)], Danzai Cores, and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆New weapons: [Surtr Muspellsverd], [Shuhadaku of Uriel], [Iris of the Dreams]

◆New stigma sets: [Ana Schariac], [Irene Adler]



Game Adjustments & Optimizations

The following data are at max skill level:
◆Herrscher of Thunder
1. Fixed an issue where switching to a fallen Valkyrie immediately after she enters with Ultimate Finisher would freeze the game.
2. Fixed an issue where some of her Ultimate Finisher VFX were missing under certain circumstances.

◆Azure Empyrea & Valkyrie Gloria
Fixed an issue where some of their moves disrupted enemy behavior.

◆All Fu Hua Battlesuits
Adjusted the position of her comm device in story dialog to avoid blocking the third dialog choice.

◆Stygian Nymph
Fixed an issue where her back chains were clipping with her arms on the Valkyrie screen.

◆Argent Knight: Artemis
Fixed an issue where her dress would glitch in portrait display mode when wearing outfit [Maid of Celestia].

◆Luna Kindred
Fixed her glitched animations in portrait display mode.

◆Blood Rose
She can now use weapon skills during Ultimate.

◆Knight Moonbeam
Skill [Shock Resonance]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆All Battlesuits
Adjusted the trigger condition of Time QTE: When triggering a global Time Fracture, even if no enemy is affected by it, the Time QTE of standby battlesuits can still be triggered normally.

1. Fixed an issue where Phoenix, Sixth Serenade, Herrscher of the Void, Gyakushinn Miko, Stygian Nymph, and Sakuno Rondo may leave glitched marks in the environment when applying marks to themselves.
2. Fixed some battlesuits that were missing skill tags. (e.g. Night Squire was missing the Heavy ATK tag)

◆Purgatory Fortress, Fang of Fire, Fang of Frost
1. Replaced their permanent Iron Body and Ignite Immunity with high Ignore Interrupt and Iron Body that is only effective during certain skills.
2. Fixed an issue where the Vulnerability debuff applied to them by maxed trauma could be overridden by other effects.

◆Immortal Blades: Saboteur, Immortal Blades - Guard
Removed their skill [Drain Grenade].

◆Screeching Hunter
Replaced its permanent Iron Body and Ignite Immunity with high Ignore Interrupt and Iron Body that is only effective during certain skills.

◆Dark Bronya
Removed the Time Lock effect caused by certain skills.

Optimized the combat experience when it assumes Fire Form.

1. Void Chela and Maelstrom enemies no longer block the movement of Valkyries after rising into the air with skills.
2. Fixed an issue where the names of Hail and Redlotus were exchanged in some stages.
3. Shrunk the radius of SP Packs dropped by enemies by 60%.



◆Abyss [Superstring Dimension]
1. Abyss [Superstring Dimension] is a new Abyss activity for Captains of Lv.81 and higher.
2. Abyss [Superstring Dimension] consists of 5 tiers: Forbidden, Sinful, Agony, Redlotus, and Nirvana. Sinful and Agony are each divided into 3 sub-tiers: I, II, III. Keep challenging to ascend to the higher tier.
3. In Abyss [Superstring Dimension], you gain a varying number of [Trophies] based on your in-group ranking when each cycle is finalized.
Your tier in the next cycle is determined by the number of [Trophies] you have acquired in this cycle. Acquire a larger number of [Trophies] when each cycle is finalized to ascend to the higher tier.
*For [Superstring Dimension] details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Entente: Beta Season
1. Entente is a new cross-version activity for Captains of Lv.70 or higher.
2. You will be assigned to either the Lv.70~80 group or the Lv.81+ group based on your level. By playing Abyss, Memorial Arena, Lockdown Zone, and other activities, you will earn Entente pts that can unlock premium milestone rewards!
*For Entente: Beta Season details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Co-op Raids Optimized 
1. Adjusted the weekly reset time of Co-op Raids from Friday to Monday.
2. Added the new [Tactical Training] activity. When Co-op Raids reset every Monday, Captains of Lv.70 or higher can choose to play [Standard Co-op Raids] or [Tactical Training].
3. Activating [Standard Co-op Raids] will lock you out of [Tactical Training] for this week and reset the progress of [Standard Co-op Raids] once. Activating [Tactical Training] will not lock you out of nor auto-reset the progress of [Standard Co-op Raids].
4. The rewards of playing [Tactical Training] include United Token, Harmony Strand, Spirit Jade, and Ether Fuel. Deploying the UP battlesuits of the day rewards additional Ether Fuel or random Ghosts.



◆Void Blade
Added the effect of "wielder restores 2 SP per second during local Time Slow" to its active.

◆Might of An-Utu
Optimized the animations of using its active to enable faster connection with other moves.



◆Dirac Sea
Fixed the incorrect DMG dealt by Thunder Drone.

◆Memorial Arena
Extended the finalization period of SS-rank Memorial Arena by 2s (this change does not affect your finalization score).

◆A Post-Honkai Odyssey
Optimized the color of Regulators dropped in Exploration Mode to match with characters.

◆Battlesuit Trials
The [Battlesuit Trials] stages in Herrscher of Thunder's event [Thunderous Sanction] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to be available permanently. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play the stages in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not cleared them in v4.1.

◆Stage Adjustments
During v4.2, the attempts of all Story stages that drop [Shadow Dash] Fragments are doubled.



======Equipment Adjustments======
◆You can now forge PRI-ARMs [Surtr Muspellsverd] and [Shuhadaku of Uriel].
◆You cannot tune [Might of An-Utu] if you already own [Shuhadaku of Uriel].
◆[Shuhadaku of Uriel] is still regarded as a Divine Key and enjoys relevant bonuses.



◆Added [Vermilion Knight], [Umbral Rose], [Stalker: Phantom Iron], and [Sündenjäger] to the Dorm system. Added the above battlesuits and their fragments to the Dorm Supply pool.

◆Added a switch to the Wishing Well that enables you to select between the current version or the previous version when wishing for stigmata. Added a second confirmation prompt when wishing for already owned stigmata.



◆Witch's Corridor
Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Dimension Breaker], [Argent Knight], and [Molotov Cherry] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆Exchange Shop
1. Added the option to purchase [Thales (T, M, B)]
2. Added the option to purchase weapon [Godslayer: Surtr].
3. You can refresh Exchange Shop manually 6 times a week starting 04:00, SEP 21. For detailed rules, please refer to Exchange Shop.

◆War Treasury
1. Added the option to purchase [Ancient Legacy], [Fallen Rosemary], and [Fallen Rosemary] Fragment.
2. Increased the weekly purchase limit of [Lightning Empress] Fragments. After unlocking [Lightning Empress], you can purchase additional [Lightning Empress] Fragment x3 weekly. After ranking up [Lightning Empress] to SS, you can purchase additional [Lightning Empress] Fragment x3 weekly. Additional fragments are sold for Ancient Willpower x14 each.

◆Logistics Terminal
Added the option to purchase [Prototype Suscitarin].

◆Rosemary Garden
Added the time-limited shop [Rosemary Garden] where you can purchase [Fallen Rosemary]'s recommended equipment [Irene Adler (T, M, B)] with Stigma Resonance and [Iris of the Dreams] with Weapon Resonance.

◆Shop Refresh Rules Optimized
Shops will display free refreshes first and paid refreshes only after using up free refreshes starting 04:00, SEP 21.



◆Introduced the BP theme system that groups 4 BP seasons into 1 BP theme. New theme [Blooming Rosemary] opens on SEP 21.

◆[Elite Works] Updates
Added the following items for purchase
[Weapon] Godslayer: Surtr
[Stigma] Phantom of the Fog set: Irene Adler (T, M, B)
[Fragment] Fallen Rosemary Fragment
[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset
*For BP details, please refer to relevant announcements.



◆Testing Reroll Cast Function
1. Introduced the reroll cast function. You can now spend Wafer Stabilizer to lock 1 affix when rerolling.
2. You can earn Wafer Stabilizer by scoring Honor Rewards in Entente (Beta Season): Exalted.
3. This function is still in testing and we will continue to optimize it based on your feedback.

◆Stigma Transmute System
1. Introduced the stigma transmute system. You can now craft and transmute the stigmata you need in [Foundry].
2. Added the following transmutable stigmata:
Painter set: Monet (T, M, B), Arctic Explorer set: Robert Peary (T, M, B), Renaissance set: Michelangelo (T, M, B), Herrscher of Ice set: Ana Schariac (T, M, B).
3. You can obtain Monet (T, M, B), Robert Peary (T, M, B), and Michelangelo (T, M, B) by crafting and transmuting and Ana Schariac (T, M, B) only by transmuting.
([Ana Schariac (T, M, B)] can only be obtained by transmuting in v4.2 and will enter Supply pools after v4.3.)
4. When transmuting stigmata, you can spend 500 Mithril to pass down the affixes of the consumed stigmata. The stigma affix inheritance function is currently limited to the stigma transmute system.
*For stigma transmute details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Bounty Mark System
1. Introduced event Bounty Marks that are divided into SS-rank, S-rank, A-rank, B-rank, and random.
2. Temporarily adjusted the "Select UP Item" mechanic during the event period. Event Bounty Marks drop Bounty Silvers that are for purchasing materials in Bounty Shop.
3. Event Bounty Marks and regular Bounty Mark share the weekly assist count.

◆Arena Weekly Report Optimized
Added a section dedicated to Abyss [Superstring Dimension] starting 04:00, SEP 21.

◆Suscitarin Optimized
1. Set the use sequence of Suscitarin. Suscitarin given by events will be used first.
2. You can now preview the outcome of reviving a Valkyrie.

◆Dorm Display Optimized
Added a Dorm Stats button that shows the bonuses applied to Divine Key and Dorm Squad.

◆Portrait Showcase Optimized
1. Added the zoom function.
2. Optimized the hide UI function to hide the entire UI.

◆Wardrobe Optimized
Added the switch function to show the entire outfit.

◆Enemy Album Optimized
Added new enemy entries and a [Background] section dedicated to the background info of enemies.

◆Bounty Equipment Crafting Optimized
You can now expend locked equipment when crafting Bounty equipment.

◆Open World Task Refresh Optimized
Added the second confirmation prompt for rare tasks. You will need to confirm twice to refresh when a rare task has appeared. No more missing rare tasks due to a fat finger!

◆Lv.80+ Breakthrough Missions Optimized
Added Abyss [Superstring Dimension] missions and rewards.

◆Battlesuit Lv. Maxed Prompt Optimized
Optimized the text to be more accurate.



◆[Fallen Rosemary] can move into the Dorm. Added relevant interactions and events.



◆Added the interactive animations and voice clips of [Fallen Rosemary].



======BUG Fixes & Optimizations======
◆Fixed the incorrect display of weekly attempts for [Time Works].

◆Fixed an issue where unlocking and leveling up a new ELF may trigger errors.

◆Fixed the glitched behavior of [Aesir Heimdall].

◆Fixed the glitched arms of [Valkyrie Gloria] in outfit [Purrfect Holiday].

◆Fixed the incorrect display of stats on individual battlesuit stats screens.

◆Fixed an issue where certain Story Chapter III stages cannot calculate Elemental DMG correctly for the objective "Deal 3000 DMG in a single Time Fracture."

◆Fixed an issue where EM Shield may glitch when [Death Web] was ignited in Story Chapter XV [Scorching Trials] EX-7.

◆Fixed the stuttering when switching to [Herrscher of Thunder] on the Valkyrie screen.

◆Fixed an issue where accessing the portrait showcase via the Augment Core screen and switching to a non-augmented battlesuit before resuming may trigger errors.

◆Fixed an issue where viewing an outfit in the portrait showcase by tapping it in Mall may lead to it glitching.

◆Fixed an issue where switching battlesuits in portrait mode may lead to the battlesuit selection screen glitching.

◆Fixed the invalid Video toggling in settings.

◆Fixed an issue where exchanging Crystals for Stamina may trigger errors.

◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Thunder] may not respond to inputs after she was frozen during Ultimate in [Squad Snowwolf] co-op stages.

◆Fixed the glitched grounds in [Schicksal HQ].

◆Fixed an issue where the screen could not properly function after Carole defeats enemies with QTE in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where switching characters after using Mei's Ultimate [Penelope's Spectral Spin] may disable the VFX of her Ultimate illusions in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where the force field shield of [Code I - The Mage] may reset incorrectly when Carole's QTE triggered after breaking the shield with Mei's Ultimate [Medea's Thunderwings] has ended in [APHO].

◆Fixed the Japanese dubbing missing from certain Story and Chronicles cinematics.

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