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Ai-chan's Newsflash - [Shadow Dash] Augmented!
Sep 13, 2020

Today's episode is introducing a new star - Shadow Dash's Augmented: [Danzai Spectramancer]!

======[Shadow Dash] Augment Core======
"To protect her dearest one, she would rather live in infamy by joining World Serpent, thus setting foot on her own path of thorns."
[Danzai Spectramancer] can create Bunshin Specters to attack and suppress shielded enemies with Ultimate, making her ideal for both offensive and supportive play!

Exclusive outfit [Danzai Spectramancer] is unlocked when the Augment Core reaches 4★. This is Mei's appearance when she suppresses her Herrscher power in non-combat situations or engages in small-scale conflict and stealth operations. Her dancing blade becomes the flash that will sunder the darkness and condemn evils!


[Basic ATK: Gozan]
[Danzai Spectramancer] slashes enemies in rapid succession, dealing massive Physical DMG and restoring Munen Focus.


[Combo ATK: Shinkage Flash]
When Munen Focus reaches a certain level, hold [ATK] to release Shinkage Flash! This move creates several Bunshin Specters at the target's location to deal AOE DMG!


[Ultimate: Tsukiyo's Spectramancy]
[Danzai Spectramancer] dashes to her target and delivers a flurry of slashes! After landing, she will create Bunshin Specters to impale her target, dealing destructive Physical DMG!



[Evasion: Untouchable Yozakura]
[Danzai Spectramancer] dashes to evade attacks. Tap [ATK] after evasion to charge forward, dealing massive Physical DMG!



======[Danzai Spectramancer] Boost Secrets======
During v4.2, play Story Chapter XIX and subsequent events to earn [Danzai Spectramancer]'s exclusive boost material [Danzai Core].

Playing Story event yields up to [Shadow Dash] Fragment x30 and [Danzai Core] x30! You can unlock [Shadow Dash] and her Augment Core immediately after obtaining the above materials!


That's all for this episode of Ai-chan's Newsflash! See you in v4.2!

*The above data are taken from the test server and are subject to change in the live version.

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