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List of Banned Captains for Using Plugins
Feb 24, 2020

Since the Captain signed on to the Hyperion, Ai-chan has repeatedly reminded everyone that using plug-ins, selling / purchasing of accounts, and topping up via non-standard channels are illegal! Ai-chan is doing this to protect your rights!


Despite such warnings, Ai-chan is sad to see people abusing plug-ins in Honkai-verse and disrupting the fair and healthy environment that we're trying to build for Honkai Impact 3.

To restore order for the Hyperion, Ai-chan will be banning the following abusers:


10077312 |    12797859 |    15599793 |
16532842 |    16736675 |    16736675 |
16532842 |    15599793 |    12797859 |
10077312 |    


Ai-chan is sad to see these former comrades banned from battle! 

Ai-chan will like to take this opportunity to encourage all Captains to uphold fair and healthy gaming and to look out for illegal activities! =3=  We need your support to create a happy Hyperion and achieve victory in the Honkai War! 

Let's make gaming enjoyable for Honkai Impact 3! 

*The official owners of Honkai Impact 3 reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of relevant terms.

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