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Ai-chan's Newsflash - New [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] Gameplay
Feb 18, 2020


Ai-chan is amazed by how many Captains are pushing us to release [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] so we are giving its gameplay more coverage today to scratch that itch!

★[A Post-Honkai Odyssey] In a Nutshell★
◆ [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] is the new Open World addition to v3.8. Experience a new standalone storyline packed with new maps and playable characters, as well as master new features including three-dimensional combat and aerial combo QTE!
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★New [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] Combat Demo & Boss Showcase★
◆ New Combat Skills





◆ Combo QTEs





◆ Boss Updates





Similar to existing Open Worlds, [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] has its own storyline, side quests, and activities (e.g. Adventure Tasks).

You will join a special task force to investigate a game-changing secret sleeping in the ""City of Rebirth"", St. Fountain, after Honkai vanished 8 years ago. You may encounter side missions in your quest, leading you closer to the secrets of your teammates and the city...


★Intel Level★
The story progression is determined by your Intel Level in [A Post-Honkai Odyssey].

Complete main missions or Exorcism tasks to gain Intel Levels to unlock stories and playable characters. The level of playable characters increases along with your Intel Level. As you progress, more activities (e.g. Adventure Tasks) and map areas will open up to you.


★Adventure Level & Task Rewards★
A Post-Honkai Odyssey shares the same Adventure Level with Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ.

The task rewards and cycle finalization rewards comprise items for the main game and A Post-Honkai Odyssey.

The amount of rewards intended for the main game is determined by your Adventure Level and the amount of rewards intended for A Post-Honkai Odyssey is determined by your Intel Level.

★Adventure Tasks★
Complete early main missions to unlock Adventure Tasks from Schicksal.

★A Post-Honkai Odyssey Event Sneak Peek★
Once A Post-Honkai Odyssey becomes available, LTO events will also kick in! Play A Post-Honkai Odyssey to earn loads of event rewards including boosting materials for A Post-Honkai Odyssey and 4★ weapons, Honkai Cubes, Focused Supply Cards, Crystals for the main game!

The above is our gameplay preview for A Post-Honkai Odyssey! We thank you for your dedicated support and interest!

※ The above images are taken from an in-development product under constant iteration and therefore do not represent the quality of the final product in any way.



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