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HI3 PC Client FAQ
Feb 8, 2020


The PC client will be available from FEB 13! Below are our answers to the most frequently asked questions~

Q: How do I download the PC client?
A: Ai-chan will notify Captains ASAP in our community when the PC client becomes available for download on our official site on FEB 13~

Q: What servers does the PC client operate on? How do I log in?
A: You can access the SEA server after FEB 13. You can log in with your miHoYo account.

Q: Can I log into the PC client with a guest, Facebook or another third-party account?
A: Perhaps in the future! Ai-chan strongly suggests you link your miHoYo account ASAP for the time being (tap the account option on the upper left Bridge screen to link your miHoYo account).

Q: What are the minimum and recommended PC specs required to run the PC client?
A: The minimum and recommended PC specs are as follows:




Q: Can I run the PC client on Mac?
A: The PC client only supports Windows at present. Sorry about that! > <

Q: Does the PC client support gamepad input?
A: Of course! Feel free to plug in almost any mainstream controller - you can even configure the controls!

Q: Can I top-up when playing on PC?
A: Accounts registered with the PC client can top-up on PCs as well as Android and iOS devices, whereas those registered with Android and iOS apps can log into the PC client but only top-up on Android and iOS devices respectively. Topping-up is also possible via our official site.


Thank you for your support! Your love keeps Ai-chan going strong!

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