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Ai-chan's Newsflash: Gameplay Updates
Jun 25, 2022

Dear Captain, today Ai-chan introduces to you the gameplay updates in v5.8!
After the v5.8 update, a major story chapter arrives with the starter system overhaul and updates for Elysian Realm, BP System and more. Now let's check out the details!

※※※※※ Story Chapter Integration ※※※※※
After the v5.8 update, story chapters will be integrated into a major story chapter. You can reach the required level to experience your interested chapters. For example, you can play the chapters associated with Fu Hua if you want.

※※※※※ Starter System Overhaul ※※※※※
After the v5.8 update, Captains who created characters after the update can play in Starter's Manual to get familiar with the game and obtain S-rank battlesuits Herrscher of the Void and Fallen Rosemary!


※ Please check out the announcement of Starter's Manual released on JUN 27 to learn more about the starter event and the story chapter integration.

※※※※※ Elysian Realm Update ※※※※※
After the v5.8 update, Starry Impression and Molotov Cherry (Augment Core required) will be added as available battlesuits to Elysian Realm.


Meanwhile, new stage effects and buff factors will be released in the new version. Visitors, get ready for the new challenges in the updated Elysian Realm!

※※※※※ Battle Pass Update ※※※※※
Dark Jade Crystallum will become the new token starting v5.8. You can increase BP Levels and visit the Dorm Shop to obtain Dark Jade Crystallum.


1. In the new BP season of v5.8, you can exchange Dark Jade Crystallum for 8 Lustrous Crystallum at most.

2. All weapons and stigmata listed in BP Works in v5.4~5.7 will be listed in BP Works Vintage. They cost Lustrous Crystallum. You can only purchase what you haven't purchased in BP Works Vintage in v5.4~5.7. Besides, you can also purchase Einstein's Torus in BP Works Vintage.

3. Lustrous Crystallum will expire when v5.8 ends and return Einstein's Torus x15 each.

※ Please follow our announcements for more details regarding BP Rewards, BP Works and BP System.

※※※※※ Tactical Training UP System Removed ※※※※※
In the previous versions, Tactical Training offered weekly rotational UP Valkyries. Captains needed to use UP Valkyries in battle to obtain additional random crystal or Ether Fuel. After the v5.8 update, the UP System will be removed from Tactical Training and Captains can use any Valkyrie in battle to obtain additional random crystal or Ether Fuel.

※※※※※ Dorm Equipment Supply Closed ※※※※※
After the v5.8 update, Dorm Equipment Supply will be closed. Unused Dorm Equipment Supply Card will be converted to 200 Crystals. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

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