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Golden HOMU Awards 2019 Results
Jan 7, 2020

The votes of Captains have decided to whom the Valkyrie of the Year Award goes: Herrscher of Reason! Let us congratulate her for winning!


Congratulations to the 3 lucky Captains for winning the grand prize: 11191194, 13569222 and 11577256! We will contact them by mail afterwards~


Don't forget to check out the other awards! Below is the full list of winners:


★Valkyrie of the year★
Herrscher of Reason

★Outfit of the year★
Vow of Roses

★Animated short of the year★
Final Lesson

★Valkyrie theme of the year★

★Anime highlight of the year★
[Final Lesson]
Himeko's last words

★Cutscene of the year★
Herrscher of the Void - 「Odd Drifter」

★Version trailer of the year★

★In-game event of the year★
Odd Drifter

★Male character of the year★

★"Cooking with Valkyries" highlight of the year★
EP8: The lovey-dovey moment between Sakura and Kallen



The HQ will design an exclusive commemorative stigma for Herrscher of Reason, which will be available in future events! We thank you for your dedicated support in the passing year and hope to witness the growth of Valkyries with you in 2020!

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