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Ai-chan's Newsflash: New Open World Debuts
May 11, 2022

Greetings, Captains! This episode is all about the new open world Elysium Everlasting and the event Shattered Dimensions! Let's check out the unique gaming experience brought by each of the two!

※※※※※ New Open World Elysium Everlasting ※※※※※
Elysium Everlasting — the secret hidden in the recesses of Elysian Realm.


◆ New Map
As you progress through the story, you will head to different areas of Elysium Everlasting, and more areas will open in future versions. Follow the storyline to explore the new open world!

In the story of this version, you can select Story Mode or Map Exploration Mode. Therefore, the main story and side stories will be separated. Your immersive gaming experience in Story Mode won't be interrupted by side stories. On top of that, you can play Map Exploration Mode to learn more about Elysium Everlasting through puzzle explorations and side stories.

◆ New Feature: Weapon Cards
New feature Weapon Cards will debut in this story event. You can collect and combine Signet Cards to enhance battlesuits. Each card set has corresponding exclusive skills in Weapon Cards, and you can use different active skills to enhance battlesuits in Elysium Everlasting.

By playing story and side stories, you can unlock three card sets of different themes in succession. In future version updates, there will be more types of Signet Cards and card sets.

◆ Story Event Rewards
While exploring the new map, you can obtain event tokens to exchange for Bringer of Light Stigma Option, Crystals, Golden Diva Fragments, Honkai Shards and more in the event shop.


From v5.7 to v5.9, these tokens can be obtained to exchange for rewards in the event shop. Meanwhile, all the rewards will also be renewed in each version update.

※※※※※ New Featured Event Shattered Dimensions ※※※※※
Apart from the new open world Elysium Everlasting, v5.7 will also present a new featured event — Shattered Dimensions. Captains can have tremendous fun in the exciting Hunt mode!

◆ Featured Event Outline
Two worlds will open in the event, each has a powerful Latent Hunter. You need to complete Weakspot Decryption to defeat it.

The event map is filled with secret mechanisms, including different kinds of treasure chests, floors and traps. They may be amulets protecting you from attacks, but they may also put you in extreme danger once you step on it. Captain, be careful with your surroundings and where you stand while exploring!

Once you interact with a certain type of treasure chest on the map, you will obtain Sealed Items, which are the keys to understanding the bubble universe story.

◆ Featured Event Rewards
Play in Shattered Dimensions to obtain tokens and exchange for Bright Knight: Excelsis's outfit Gale Hunter, Golden Diva Fragments, Crystals, Ancient Willpower and Phase Shifter in event shop.


That's all for the intel about Elysium Everlasting and Shattered Dimensions. You can have further explorations yourself after the new version is released!

※ The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

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