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V3.5 Q&A
Dec 25, 2019

Q: Will the sensei-cadet system be optimized? It's becoming less and less relevant.
A: Yes, for sure! The sensei-cadet system will be optimized in future versions~


Q: Can we select upgrade materials in bulk?
A: That's an amazing suggestion! After introducing the "buy in bulk" feature, we are seeking to implement the "select upgrade materials in bulk" feature. Please stay tuned!


Q: Will there be a farmable scythe that is powerful?
A: Great suggestion! We are considering providing optional weapons through events. We will reveal more details once we have any update on this~ 


Q: The requirements of Dorm Errands are so high that I have to grind fragments and evolve ranks to accept anything.
A: Thank you for your feedback! We have received a lot of feedback on the Dorm system and will polish it in future versions!


Q: The visual hints in combat, such as buffs and debuffs, are difficult to tell.
A: Roger that! We will optimize the combat visuals to make everything clearer in future versions!


Q: Will the fragments of other S-rank battlesuits be purchasable in Memorial Arena?
A: Of course! You can look forward to it!


Q: Who will the next augmented Valkyrie be?

A: As Captain may have noticed, augmented Valkyries all play a big role in the newest storyline, further expanding their special backstories. We also need to consider game balance when designing the next augmented Valkyrie. That being said, the next Valkyrie to be Augmented is still a secret! You can try guessing how the story will play out~



※New Year Event Bonuses

In v3.6, every Captain can claim one S-rank battlesuit (see the image below for available options) or Ancient Willpower x420 simply by logging in! The specific time is to be announced and Ai-chan will reveal more event info soon! v3.6 update is coming tomorrow and Ai wish everybody a happy holiday~



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