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Ai-chan's Newsflash - New storyline and Dorm Supply update
Dec 24, 2019

Greetings, Captains! Today's episode features the storyline of v3.6 and Dorm Supply updates~



======Chapter XIV Preview======
Chapter XIV Dispel the Darkness coming soon! To save Arc City from the World Serpent's clutches, Kiana and Rita become unlikely allies, bringing the light of a new dawn to the crumbling city.
In v3.6, play Chapter XIV LTO exploration event to win 4★ stigma [Raven's Moon (B)], Honkai Shard, AE Imaginon and more!

======Dorm Supply======
★Dorm Equipment Supply★
Dorm Equipment Supply event is scheduled for v3.6. Similar to Dorm Supply, Captains are more likely to receive NEW 4★ equipment in Dorm Equipment Supply!

Planned Features
1. In v3.6, Dorm Equipment Supply is temporarily available as an event. Dorm Equipment Supply will replace Standard Equipment Supply and become permanently available after the v3.7 update once it is fully optimized.
2. After replacing Standard Equipment Supply, the number of equipment available in Dorm Equipment Supply will increase as more battlesuits join Dorm Supply.
3. After Dorm Equipment Supply replaces Standard Equipment Supply in v3.7, each Standard Equipment Supply Card used in v3.5~3.6 will return 80 Crystals.
※ Please refer to the Dorm Equipment Supply launch announcement for the exact opening time and Supply contents.

★Dorm Supply Bonus★
Dorm Supply in v3.6 gains a bonus [first 25-drop guarantee].
After the bonus guarantee becomes available, If the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is below 25, the original guarantee will take effect.
If the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is above 25, the bonus guarantee will take effect.

That's all for today! Please follow post-update event announcements for more info!



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