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Nov 11, 2021

Hi SEA Captains!

Thanks for all your understanding and support. We have entirely felt your passion for Honkai Impact 3. We always pay attention to your feedbacks and suggestions. For bringing you a better experience, we have redecorated some café. We spare no efforts to serve Captains and bring Captains more fantastic things. Hope that Captains could enjoy there~ Also, since a large number of Captains mentioned the insufficient merchandise, we will open a pre-sale activity so that Captains could be satisfied to have their beloved. For more info, Captains could check below:


1. Which Captains can participate the pre-order activity?
Captains who entered the store and participated in HoYo FEST offline activities but were unable to purchase the merchandise due to insufficient stock can participate the pre-order activity.

2. How should on-site Captains participate the pre-order activity?
Please show your UID in Honkai Impact 3 (Captains who played on PC will need to prepare UID screenshots) and store purchase receipt from HoYo FEST offline activities to the staff, who will guide you to the area of the pre-sale activity. Staff will run you through the pre-sale guidelines.

3. How should Captains who previously attended the offline HoYo FEST activities but were unable to buy the merchandise participate the pre-order activity?
Please show your UID in Honkai Impact 3 (Captains who played on PC will need to prepare UID screenshots) and previous purchase receipt from HoYo FEST offline activities to the staff. Captains do not need to make another purchase to be eligible for the pre-order activity.
Please note that: UID and receipts are non-transferrable. If you attempt to do so, you will be disqualified.

4. Why do Captains need receipts and UID to participate in the pre-order activity?
Unfortunately, we found that there were a large number of intermediaries who illegally sold merchandise for profit. In order to protect the benefits of Captains, Captains can only participate in the pre-order activity with limited order quantity by presenting your purchase receipts and UID (the limited quantity is the same as the quantity in HoYo FEST offline activities: maximum 1 for each kind of merchandise, maximum 5 in total per UID). Thanks for your support and cooperation.

5. When and where is the pre-order activity?
The pre-order activity will be available at HoYo FEST offline stores starting Friday, November 12.
The pre-order activity begins this Friday, when all on-site merchandise sells out. The activity will last till the end of HoYo FEST activities of Honkai Impact 3.

6. How will the pre-order merchandise be sent to Captains?
Cash on Delivery (Thailand, Indonesia): We will urgently collect supplies from all over the world and send them to the Captains' countries as quickly as possible. We will arrange the delivery to the address you filled in (if the delivery cannot be arranged in a country due to emergency, we will arrange the nearest pick-up point for you to pick it up).
Singapore: pickup offline (Singapore), detailed address will be announced later
Malaysia: pickup offline (Kuala Lumpur), detailed address will be announced later
The Philippines: pickup offline (Manila), detailed address will be announced later
We will inform you of the exact method of collection within a month of the end of the pre-order activity.

7. How long does it take for the pre-order merchandise to be delivered?
If the items you have pre-ordered do not include HoYo FEST merchandise, you will receive your items in 3 months.
If the items you have pre-ordered includes HoYo FEST merchandise, you will receive your items in 4 months.
(Delivery time varies in different countries, the longest estimated time is 3-4 months.)
We will try our best to speed up the delivery process.

8. Why does the customized HoYo FEST merchandise arrive a month later than other merchandise?
Since the HoYo FEST customized merchandise for Honkai Impact 3 is all sold out, it will take an extra month for production.

9. How do Captains pay for the pre-order merchandise?
Captains only need to pay for the merchandise once it has been confirmed and delivered (including the postage fee).

10. Who will pay for the postage?
There are 2 different stages of delivering the merchandise to you:
First stage: from anywhere in the world to your delivery country - we will bear the postage fee.
Second stage: From the warehouse in your country to the delivery address you have provided - you will need to bear the postage fee.

11. Will there still be freebies upon pre-ordering the merchandise?
Paper bags and postcards will still be sent to you according to HoYo FEST rules. Since we have run out of badges, they will not be sent to you at the later stage.

12. Can I return or replace the pre-order merchandise after I receive them?
There are no return or exchange services after confirmation of the parcel delivery. Please check and confirm the merchandise before you sign the delivery.

13. What should I do if the merchandise is missing, incorrect or other problems occurred?
All Captains that have successfully pre-ordered shall receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email for future reference. In addition, the sender of the email will be your exclusive customer service. If you have any questions, please send your enquiries to the email address and consult.

14. Why do we have to wait until Friday for the pre-order activity?
We found out that the demand for merchandise is very high during the early stages of the event. However, due to the limited local inventory, we will need to urgently collect all available merchandise from all over the world and arrange the necessary logistics services.

15. Additional remarks
Many thanks to SEA Captains for your support of HoYo FEST. We have been paying attention to Captains' feedback and suggestions for HoYo FEST, and we will continue to improve and optimize it. 


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