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Ai-chan's Newsflash —— v5.1 [Pristine Realm] Main Events
Sep 7, 2021

Greetings, Captains! Today Ai-chan's bringing you the news on the main events in v5.1: Pristine Realm!

※※※※※Chapter XXV-EX [Immortal Blades] Story Preview※※※※※
Otto paid an unexpected visit to Schicksal after the Herrscher of Dominance had been defeated. What changes will his visit bring? What are his connections to the incident?



※※※※※Major Permanent Activity [Elysian Realm] Updated※※※※※
★★Added Battlesuits★★
After the v5.1 update, [Miss Pink Elf♪], [Bright Knight: Excelsis], [Striker Fulminata], and [Luna Kindred] will join the Elysian Realm! You can unlock them with Flawless Keys.



★★Adjusted System★★
After the version update, Various mechanics in the Elysian Realm such as choosing signets will be optimized as follows:
◆ You can reset the exclusive signet option an unlimited number of times at the start.

◆ Another Flame-Chaser's signet is guaranteed to appear after resetting the Portal.

◆ You can choose to immediately finalize after exiting a stage.

◆ Added a Story Mission Info tab on the Mission screen.

◆ Added a token acquisition progress indicator.

◆ Added memory for difficulty selection.

★★Adjusted Enemies★★
We have adjusted the types and stats of enemies in the Elysian Realm:

◆ Removed [Dead Silence] from stages.

◆ Removed the [Adamance] buff from enemies.

◆ Decreased the HP of IMG enemies in Elite stages.

◆ Reduced the number of [Storm Templars] in stages and the number of hits their shields can withstand.

★★Added Difficulty Factor Rotation to [Sequence: Real]★★
◆ The difficulty factors will rotate regularly in [Sequence: Real]. The first rotation will begin the week after the v5.1 update.

※※※※※[Sanka Saga] Rerun※※※※※
The castellan who ruled with an iron first, the seductive queen of the underworld... They gathered in this land to keep an ancient secret for their own interests, but who will have the last laugh?
This event is scheduled to return in late September with accelerated progress. You will be able to purchase every core item from the event shop within about 7 days of the event opening!
*Core items include [Ninja Treasure Option] (lets you choose between battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin], outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun], and 8000 Asterite), Crystals, and Ancient Legacy.



That's all for today! In the next episode, Ai-chan will explain important system adjustments. See you there!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

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