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Ai-chan's Newsflash——New Battlesuit Event & Story Chapter
Apr 18, 2021

Did you miss Ai-chan? Today's episode is all about the new battlesuit event [Arc: Light Bound] and Story Chapter featured by v4.7!

Captains are exploring the unknown with Bronie? Read on to find out!

======Battlesuit Event [Arc: Light Bound]======
You must rise above the clouds if you dream to reach the stars.
But when that time comes, will you set your eyes on a sight beyond the stars?


[Arc: Light Bound] is divided into different parts, which includes the main map [Arc City]. Join Bronie as she explores the map and experiences the story.


The exploration mode features a variety of activities. You can explore more areas as your Map Access Level increases. You can increase your Map Access Level by opening chests, defeating bosses, and completing missions.


During the event, complete specific missions and challenges to earn tokens that can purchase [Haxxor Bunny Fragment] x60, Twilight Paladin's outfit [Verdant Sky], and Crystals in the battlesuit event shop!


======Battlesuit Event Rewards Outfit [Verdant Sky]======
Said to be the daily wear of a beloved idol and can help hide her identity. Is this true, though?
◆Outfit Skill Showcase






======Story Chapter: The Solo Stage======
After resolving the Herrscher of Sentience incident, their lives returned to momentary peace.
Yet the rampaging mechas and missing people foreshadow a new crisis...
Story Chapter XXIII is scheduled for early May. Stay tuned!

v4.7 has more to offer! Be sure to check out the next episode!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

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