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Ai-chan's Newsflash——New SP Battlesuit [Haxxor Bunny] Debuts
Apr 16, 2021

With v4.7 at hand, Ai-chan's back with exclusive info!
Today's episode is all about [Haxxor Bunny], the new SP battlesuit starring in v4.7!

======Bronie A.K.A. [Haxxor Bunny]====== 
"The prey fell for it! We're gonna shake the city up!"

[Basic ATK: Hare Hunters]
Haxxor Bunny pulls out SMG and fires, dealing moderate Ice DMG.


[SP Skill: Absolute Security Protocol]
Haxxor Bunny's Basic ATK's 4th sequence summons a drone that deals Ice DMG continuously. When Haxxor Bunny is switched out, the drone will remain on the field, and build up Haxxor Bunny's Haxxor Count by attacking.


[QTE: Haxxor Trigger]
Haxxor Bunny has a special standby QTE mechanic. When her Haxxor Count is maxed, she can support her teammates by casting QTE entry on standby, which deals DMG and increases Ice DMG dealt.


[Charged ATK:Tempest Sniper]
When Haxxor Bunny's KE is maxed, hold [ATK] to fire her cannon, which deals Ice DMG and exhausts KE. Casting Charged ATK will make the drone target the enemy being hit and cast a special attack once.

[Evasion: Parting Gift]
Haxxor Bunny can evade twice in a row. Ultimate Evasion leaves a grenade that explodes after 1 second. The grenade temporarily pulls enemies. Its explosion deals Ice DMG and triggers global Time Fracture.


[Ultimate: Star Destroyer]
With sufficient SP, tap [ULT] to aim her Ultimate. Ultimate damages a large area surrounding the target and increases Team Ice DMG.

======[Haxxor Bunny] Moving In======
[Haxxor Bunny] can move in after the v4.7 update! Remember to visit the Dorm to say hi to Bronie!


======7-Day Login Rewards SP Supply Cards======
Login event [Protocol Breach] is available in-game! Log in 7 days to claim SP Supply Card x5 to pull [Haxxor Bunny] earlier!

That's all for today! As for the rest... That's another story for another time!

*The above info is taken from the test server and is subject to change in the live version.

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