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⭐️⭐️ [v3.3 Q&A] ⭐️⭐️
Sep 18, 2019


We truly appreciate the dedicated support of Captains! HQ has answered some of your questions.


Q1: Will there be upgrade for Dorm system?
A1: Your feedback is well received! It is also our plan to upgrade the current dorm, please wait for the future versions~


Q2: Will there be exclusive costumes for Liliya and Rozaliya?
A2: Absolutely! What kind of costumes would Captain like to see? Please stay tuned~~


Q3: Will Path of Apotheosis come back again?
A3: Gotcha! The devs team will continue optimizing the gameplay of Path of Apotheosis, it will definitely come back in the future!


Q4: Will there be upgrade for Armada Raid?
A4: We've been receiving suggestion of upgrading Armada Raid from Captains. It will be upgraded in the future for sure~


Q5: Will there be upgrade for Open World?
A5: Open world will not be overlooked by the devs team~ And we will work hard to bring more fascinating game contents to Captains~


Q6: When can I obtain Honkai Shard from any event?
A6: In the upcoming version 3.4, Captains can obtain Honkai Cube from event!


Q7: For those costumes, stigmatas that haven't been launched in some servers, will they be finally launched in one day?
A7: They must be! The devs team will launch those costumes, stigmatas in the future events for Captains, don't worry~


Q8: Can we switch the BGM on bridge?
A8: Wow Captains, you do have good tastes! Such a nice idea, the devs team will consider adding such function. What sort of music would Captains like on bridge?


Q9: Will valkyries launched in the past like Sündenjäger, Sixth Serenade, Crimson Impulse, White Comet be reworked?
A9: The devs team will continue optimizing the strengths of valkyries. In version 3.4, Goushinnso Memento will be reworked so please wait for the new patch~


Q10: Some Captains cannot login the game or their games can only run in low fps, how can we solve the problems?
A10: The devs team is always working hard on optimizing the game. If any player have technical issues with the game, please kindly send email to our official CS mailbox: honkai3rd_global@mihoyo.com , our dedicated Customer Service Team will help you~~~


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